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Apple: Google Warned You About Looking Remotely Similar To Us, Samsung, Now You Pay The Price In Legal Fees

Welcome to another segment of “Stupid Legal Disputes Between Tech Companies”. Today’s episode involves Apple pulling out evidence that Google warned Samsung that their original Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, and Galaxy Tab 10.1 too closely resembled Apple products but Samsung refused to heed the warning and went ahead with their designs. Here’s a quick list of… Read more

ZTE Shares Drop A Whopping 17% After Massive Profit Warnings

Well, this is bad news for Chinese manufacturer, ZTE, their shares have now dropped to a three year low by 17%. This news follows reports that the FBI is investigating ZTE for sales of banned equipment to the country of Iran.  Even worse, ZTE has previously warned that their half-year profits could drop by up to 80%. The outlook isn’t looking too… Read more