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LG Said To Be Joining The Smartwatch Wars Behind Closed Doors

It seems that everyone is rumored to be making a smartwatch. This “war” is a secret but something crucial, a rush to see who can get the first product out to the world. LG joins Samsung, Apple, and Google in developing a smart watch (allegedly of course), but LG does have some experience. They built a watch in 2009 with GSM radios, a watch phone. Smart… Read more

Samsung Trying To Beat Apple To Wristwatch Market

The next big thing seems to be smart watches, a growing trend among enthusiasts and one begging to be released to the general public. However, there is no doubting that smart watches are still in their infancy. The few true smart watches we have seen have been buggy, battery life was terrible, and a few have been unusable. Then there is the Pebble, a… Read more

Sony SmartWatch Now Available From Verizon Wireless

Today, Verizon is announcing that it will begin carrying Sony’s Android-powered SmartWatch. For those of you who are a little fuzzy on Sony’s creative accessory, the SmartWatch is a digital wristwatch with a 1.3-inch color display running a customized version of Android 2.1 that acts as a second screen for your main device. This bad boy hooks up to your… Read more

i’m Watch generates buzz at CES 2012

Everyone was wondering when this would catch on and it looks like we’re we’ll on our way. Introducing the i’m Watch. Yes, CES is the place for the new and exciting and the Italian tech company i’m is going to be making a push for widespread adoption. The watch itself runs on a customized version of Android 1.6 and pairs with phones via… Read more