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One week with the Google Cr-48 Chrome OS notebook

I’ve been using Google’s Chrome OS based Cr-48 notebook for one week now, and while I consider myself lucky to have a tester unit, I have mixed feelings about the experience. I’ve tried to use the pilot program prototype as my primary computer, as I agreed to when applying for my own free netbook. I’ve found that the Cr-48 is great for leisure surfing,… Read more

Last chance to request Google’s Cr-48

At midnight PST tonight, Google’s application site for the Cr-48 Pilot Program will shut down. Google had 60,000 soft touch, nondescript black notebooks manufactured for the purpose of handing them out to users like you in order to get a better idea of how the public will use their cloud-based operating system, Chrome OS. The pilot program also functions as… Read more

Gmail web app gains 44 new languages for mobile devices

Despite recent, fairly significant updates to the Android Gmail application, the Google Mobile Blog still proclaims that “The mobile webapp version of Gmail (which you can get to by going to gmail.com in your browser) is the best way to get the most Gmail features on your iPhone or Android-powered device.” But the web app was only the best option for mobile… Read more

Upload to Flickr right from Android 2.2 browser

Flickr still doesn’t have an official Android app, and maybe they don’t plan to make one. Instead, they’ve added the functionality to their mobile site to allow Froyo users to upload photos from their phone. Previously, the only uploading method Flickr has offered to Android users is upload-by-email. Try the new feature out, right from the mobile… Read more