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Camangi Webstation unboxed

The first pre-ordered Camangi Webstations are starting to arrive in the US, and that means unboxings and video reviews. Here is the first I’ve seen of the former from Gear Diary. As the unboxer points out, white is currently the only color shipping but red and black will be available eventually. The tablet comes with a 7″ resistive screen, 4,000 mAh… Read more

Thanks for your highly interest in Camangi WebStation!

Maybe it’s not appropriate for me to title a post with the introductory sentence (plus exclamation mark) from a Taiwanese company’s product page as a joke. But it’s better than submitting a screencap to Engrish.com. Or is it? Bah, I don’t have the time right now. But they actually used the phrase, “enthusiastic spre….” Stop! O.K., enough. Let’s mush… Read more