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What’s On Your Homescreen Brooks?

What’s On Your Homescreen? is back with another homescreen. This time I wouldn’t call it wildly different from Dima’s as compared to Steve’s, but now it’s my turn to show off my homescreen: The biggest contributor to how I organize and use my Nexus 4′s homescreen has to be Action Launcher.  Chris Lacy sent me a review version of Action Launcher… Read more

What’s On Your Homescreen? Dima Aryeh

What’s On Your Homescreen? is back with another homescreen, wildly different from the previous one. It’s my turn to brag, so here is my home screen: On my main device, the Samsung Galaxy Note II, I’m a huge fan of consistency, and my icon pack reflects that. Every icon in the Glasklart icon pack is uniform and gray, which really suits my taste. This… Read more

What’s On Your Homescreen? Steve Raycraft

Welcome to the first installation of our new series What’s On Your Homescreen?  A new series providing you insight into the personalities of the various writers on droiddog.com by taking a look at the homescreen for their daily device.  First up is Steve Raycraft. Welcome to my homescreen.  As you notice, there is not much to it.  I’m a big fan of… Read more