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White Nexus 4 Launches On The Play Store With Free Bumper, Also On T-Mobile With Payment Plan

The white Nexus 4 has been a pretty interesting rumor for the longest time, consisting of only an occasional leaked photo of a white device we could never confirm existed. However, more and more info slowly leaked, like videos and better photos. The aftermath of Google I/O gave us an alleged release date, which turned out false (we aren’t close to June… Read more

White Nexus 4 Press Images Leak

The white Nexus 4 is a sort of Bigfoot lately, showing up randomly and rarely with absolutely no info. We saw it months ago, yet until recently, we haven’t heard a thing about its release or even existence. What if those leaked photos from multiple sources were all fakes, custom back plates? We honestly didn’t know. But lately, information has been… Read more

The White Nexus 4 Is Real Folks

The elusive white Nexus 4 has been popping up in lots of different places, but it seems Google I/O has been the place to finally serve some answers.  This time, MobileBurn was able to get their hands on the device and provide us with some pretty pictures and a new video.  Unfortunately, the person who lent MobileBurn the White Nexus 4 wasn’t able to… Read more

White Nexus 4 Coming On June 10th With Android 4.3

It looks like the white Nexus 4 is real! The folks at Android and Me have obtained a white Nexus 4 from Google at I/O and have confirmed a release date: it’s coming June 10th! Our suspicions were correct as far as saying that the new color is just a mid year refresh. And boy does it look good. Not only that, but this new Nexus 4 comes with a new… Read more

White Nexus 4 Caught On Video At A Qualcomm Booth In Dubai

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4bTBFViui94 What stranger place to find an unreleased device than an official Qualcomm booth? At a conference in Dubai, Qualcomm set up a booth with a white Nexus 4. It has the exact same design as all the previous leaks did, with a white back with the reflective back plate and a black bezel in the… Read more

White Nexus 4 Once Again Spotted, Still No Indication Of Release

We’ve seen the white Nexus 4 a few times so far, but every time there was nothing to indicate a launch or even if it’s truly a real product. Couldn’t it be a really convincing knockoff, complete with the reflective pattern? We have no idea, but this white device has surfaced once again. Someone by the name of Ervin Sue has posted photos of it on… Read more

HTC M7 Rumored To Be Sold On March 8th, Come In Two Colors

In an interesting bit of news, HTC Source reports on some inside information that they received. Keep in mind that none of this is at all confirmed, so take it as rumors and nothing more. However, it’s some good stuff. First of all, they say that the HTC M7 will be sold on March 8th. This is two and a half weeks after their press conference, which is… Read more

Alleged White Nexus 4 Shown Off On Camera

Now, we don’t know if this is real or fake, but here is a photo of the white Nexus 4, complete with silver trim and the sparkly back. It looks pretty convincing though, and hope inspiring. If the Galaxy Nexus and the Optimus G (the device the Nexus 4 is based on) come in white, why not the Nexus 4? We don’t know of any release date or confirmation that… Read more