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Motorola XOOM getting yet another soak test

Motorola’s XOOM has been a tablet of many tests, being one of the first to receive new versions of Android. We now have word that a new soak test is being prepared to send out to owners. There’s only one problem, and it’s the fact that we have absolutely no idea what the update contains. We do know that it is for the Wi-Fi version of the XOOM, not the… Read more

Kindle vs. Nook

Introduction: Full disclosure: I am a Nook fan. I have been since my purchase of the first Nook, and my experiences with the Simple Touch (unboxing, review) and Nook Color (review) have been, for the most part, very postivie. Though, I’ve found that e-ink is the best reason to choose an e-reader over a tablet for reading. (See my comparison of the… Read more