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Agenda Calendar Updated With New Resizable Widget

Agenda Calendar is a calendar replacement for Android phones running Ice Cream Sandwich and above. What it excels at is simplicity and beauty, being fully holo styled and having all unnecessary features stripped out. It may not be the most fully featured calendar out there, but it’s minimalist nature is sure to please many. With the latest update,… Read more

Falcon Pro Updated With DashClock Support

The newest update to the amazing Twitter app Falcon Pro doesn’t bring much in terms of usability, since it’s mostly bug fixes and a new option to copy tweets. However, it does bring one cool feature that took us by surprise: Support for DashClock Widget. DashClock is a very nice looking lockscreen widget for devices running Android 4.2 and above, and… Read more

Google Search Updated With Google Now Widget And More

It looks like there is another update to Google Search (Google Now on Jelly Bean devices). This update is only for Jelly Bean 4.1 and up and includes new features for Google Now. The biggest one is the new widget that you can place on both your home screen and lock screen (on 4.2). There are also movie ratings and movie passes from Fandango. Here is a… Read more

Google Support Page Outs Google Now Widget

Google now is slowly, or even possibly quickly for some of you that are just getting your hands on Jelly Bean, becoming a big part of our Android experience.  I know I couldn’t wait to have Google Now and worked hard to get Google Now working on my Epic 4G Touch running ICS.  Before, I never used to put addresses in with my calendar events, but now… Read more

CyanogenMod Adds “Chronus” Widget To New Nightlies

Chronus is a renamed version of “Lock Clock” from CyanogenMod. The name led people to assume it was limited to the lockscreen, but it also did just fine on your homescreen. The widget displays a clock along with weather and calendar events, all in one place. It is configurable in Settings and the settings apply to all the instances of the widget (both… Read more

Google Currents Updated To 2.0, New Sidebar And More

Google Currents is a very nice app, and it has received a very big update, all the way to version 2.0. With the update come a lot of new features. Here’s a full changelog from the Play Store: Edition sidebar – quickly access your editions within categories such as business, sports, etc. Fast scan – Vertical swipe to scan an edition, horizontal… Read more

Battery Widget: Reborn! [Video]

I am guilty of checking out my battery stats on Android several times a day, musing over screen on time, percentages, etc. While it’s pretty functional and good looking, Android’s battery graph doesn’t do averages. And for that, this is an awesome application. It’s definitely worth checking out if you care anything about your Android device’s battery… Read more