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Lockscreen Policy App Allows You To Disable Lockscreen Widgets And Camera Access On Android 4.2

Do you have a Nexus device and have been upgraded to the latest and greatest, Android 4.2? Are you unhappy with the latest changes to the lockscreen? If you are, we understand. While we enjoy lockscreen widgets and the new camera access method, they aren’t for everyone. They also pose a possible security risk, depending on how you use them. A new… Read more

AOKP Team Shows Off Pop-Up Widgets In Nav bar

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDghRI0ysq0&feature=player_embedded#! It seems that the AOKP team has done it again. They just won’t stop with the innovative and extremely customizable features in their ROM. Now they have gotten widgets to pop up from the nav bar, and it works with any widget you want. You can even select multiple widgets and swipe… Read more

MKB Reviews: HD Widgets [Video]

HD Widgets is a collection of a dozen or so beautifully tablet-optimized widgets available for $2 in the Android market. These widgets have a few tappable functions: Tapping the clock opens the alarm clock, and tapping the weather will display a custom fullscreen information panel about weather in your area. All in all, what’s not to like about HD… Read more

Beautiful Widgets

In this video, Carlos Graves reviews the Beautiful Widgets application. This was a widely requested review. If you have any requests, go ahead and tweet @CarlosGraves or comment on this post. Download this application for €0.99 in the Android Market Follow me on Twitter!… Read more