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HTC EVO Design 4G Could Be Headed To Boost Mobile

When we think of prepaid phone carriers, the thought is usually of cheap, low-end phones. For the most part, that’s what we’ve seen from carrier like Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile, but phones have slowly become more and more high-end. As it turns out, both Virgin and Boost are owned by Sprint, and use their network. This means that they get a lot of their… Read more

Nexus S 4G finally receiving update to Android 4.0.4

Owners of Sprint’s variant of the Nexus S have been left out of the loop, as Google has given no information to if or when the phone would be updated to Android 4.0. That is finally changing today, as Sprint has finally gone out and stated that the update will begin rolling out. Here’s everything included in the update: Nexus S Software Update – IMM76D… Read more

Samsung Conquer 4G receiving minor update

The Samsung Conquer 4G is one of those phones we tend to forget about pretty quickly, as it features mid-range specs and is focused at a budget market. Sprint hasn’t forgotten about the handset though, and is now sending it an update. The biggest part of the update is the “security fix”. In other words, Sprint is wiping the existence of Carrier IQ right off… Read more

Sprint and HTC need to bring the EVO brand back to the top

June of 2010. That was a good month for both HTC and Sprint, as it was when the original EVO 4G was launched. At the time, it was a superphone, bringing specs to the tablet that no other phone could beat. 4.3-inch display, cutting edge processor, and the first phone to have 4G made it a drool-worthy device. The EVO was the phone to have, and remained… Read more

Samsung Nexus S 4G Android 4.0 update may begin tomorrow

Google updated the GSM version of the Nexus S around 2 months ago, leaving Sprint’s WiMax version in the dark. Sprint may have finally approved a update for the handset though, as a newly leaked image suggests that the Ice Cream Sandwich update could be rolling out to the handset tomorrow. While it is a little late, we’re sure it will be very polished and… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G drops to $99 at Amazon

Amazon Wireless has been offering some great deals on Android phones lately, and they have just added Sprint’s version of the Galaxy S II to the mix. The Samsung Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G is now $99 with a new two-year contract at Amazon, $100 less than what Sprint currently charges. Users looking to upgrade will have to pay a little extra, and it comes out… Read more

Sprint gets access to Clearwire’s WiMAX network until 2015

All you Android users on Sprint, there is some good news coming down the pipe for your enjoyment. Today marked the day that Clearwire was due to pay the interest on an outstanding debt (to the tune of $237 million). What comes from the payment you ask? Well Sprint, as part of its transition to LTE was planning to phase out WiMAX coverage in 2012. Now, with… Read more