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Top 4 Reader Recommendations: Music Players

I apologize for the delay in posting the next installment of Reader Recommended Apps.  It’s been very busy for me recently, but things look to be settling down.  Thanks again for the great feedback over on our Facebook page about your choice of how you listen to music on your Android device.  Due to the diversity of responses, I thought it would be… Read more

Winamp for Android hits 1.0

The app that has attempted to take its desktop dominance to the mobile front has finally reached version 1.0 today, and along with it come some much desirable features. Among a redesigned home screen and SHOUTcast featured stations, Winamp for Android version 1.0 comes with a: “Now Playing screen redesign; Additional artist info including News;… Read more

Winamp for Android promo spot

Admit it:You are liking music and you are liking phone, but music is NOT of play! But not to worry, Winamp for Android, represented by an Andy/llama hybrid, is here to save the day. And there’s really nothing else to be learned from this Android Market promo video for the Android-friendly version of what is arguably the most well-known desktop music… Read more