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Samsung Galaxy S 4G for WIND Mobile set to release March 15

It’s been a few weeks since any mention of the Samsung Galaxy S 4G has been heard, but it looks like WIND Mobile up in Canada is now ready to launch it. Officially, the device will be available tomorrow, March 15th, and will cost you $399 without any kind of plan attached to it. There are two plans to choose from, though. You can pick up the new device… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus undergoing carrier testing on WIND Mobile

Yes, we know. You’ve heard a lot about the Galaxy Nexus and yes, it’s an amazing phone, but we have more news for you. We won’t put you through the rigmarole of listing out the specs for this ICS champion, however, we do have some great news for you. If you are in a WIND coverage area, looks like the Galaxy Nexus will soon become an option for you. Tony… Read more