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ASUS Releasing 18″ Transformer AiO on April 12th For $1299

Have you ever thought that the current trend of 10.1″ tablets was just too small? Do you want something bigger, more capable, and just more awesome? Enter the ASUS Transformer AiO, an 18″ Windows 8 all in one that happens to have a screen that doubles as an Android tablet. Yes, when working as a PC, it’s a regular old computer with all the hardware in… Read more

Google Will Not Make Windows Apps Due To Lack Of Users

Google never keeps its apps exclusive to the Android platform. Google is first and foremost a provider of services, such as email, search, maps, and many more. They will expand those services to any platform that has enough users. This is why iOS has Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and Voice Search apps straight from Google: It benefits everyone. However, there… Read more

BlueStacks App Player now compatible with Windows 8

Future Windows 8 tablet owners rejoice! Looks like Android and newest flavor of Windows are going to be playing nice for the forseeable future. BlueStacks, the company responsible for App Player, has announced that their Android environment emulator has official compatibility for Windows 8. That means that now, you’ll be able to run most Android… Read more