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Nielsen reports Q4 numbers: Android on top and iOS gaining

Well the Q4 numbers are out and no one’s surprised. It looks like both Google’s Android and Apples iOS are gaining some traction in terms of market share. Android rushed in at about 46.5% which is a gain of 3 percentage points from Q3. iOS took silver with a gain of 2% up to 30% in Q4. Other OS, as predicted either saw extremely small gains (Windows Phone 7… Read more

Microsoft brings Windows Phone 7 emulation to Android

Want to give Microsoft’s mobile OS a shot? Now you can, if you go to http://aka.ms/wpdemo through the browser on you Android device, it brings up an emulation of Windows Phone 7. I’m sure Microsoft’s trying to sway some new customers through this, and it is a pretty cool thing to do through a web browser. We gave it a shot on an HTC Inspire 4G running… Read more