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Samsung Continues To Dominate Android Profits, Global Shipments As Windows Phone Overtakes BlackBerry

Oh how the mighty have fallen as another piece of bad news surfaces for the BlackBerry crowd as new figures suggest the once giant smartphone OS has dropped to fourth in global shipments. There’s no question that Android at 75% and iOS at 17.3% of the total global smartphone market in the first quarter 2013 have the clear lead. Still, Microsoft saw an… Read more

Google Will Not Make Windows Apps Due To Lack Of Users

Google never keeps its apps exclusive to the Android platform. Google is first and foremost a provider of services, such as email, search, maps, and many more. They will expand those services to any platform that has enough users. This is why iOS has Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and Voice Search apps straight from Google: It benefits everyone. However, there… Read more

HTC HD2 Gets Windows Phone 8 Port, Proves Immortality

The HTC HD2 is an absolute legend. Launched with Windows Mobile 6.5 and an absolutely massive screen size (for its time), it was an extremely popular device. However, WM6.5 did not suit people, so they hacked on Android, along with a bunch of proprietary skins. They also got Meego to run on it. And various distros of Linux, and Windows Phone 7, 7.5, and… Read more

Nokia Lumia 920 vs One X & Galaxy S III Video Comparison, Wish Your Device Was This Stable?

Our friends over at Engadget recently put together some videos demonstrating the Nokia Lumia 920′s sophisticated suspension mechanism for their camera module which can compensate for up to 500 movements per second.  In these videos, this innovative new phone camera is pitted against some of our favorite Android devices, the Samsung Galaxy S III and… Read more

Nokia Teases Android Fans Hours Before Announcing New Devices

Oh Nokia, you so crazy. The Finnish giant took to Twitter early this morning just hours before they are set to unveil their first Windows Phone 8 devices and teased us Android fans. Nokia plans on eating Jelly Bean for breakfast? At least a few of you interpreted this as a potential sign that Nokia would make Android devices, but alas that is not to… Read more