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Samsung Continues To Dominate Android Profits, Global Shipments As Windows Phone Overtakes BlackBerry

Oh how the mighty have fallen as another piece of bad news surfaces for the BlackBerry crowd as new figures suggest the once giant smartphone OS has dropped to fourth in global shipments. There’s no question that Android at 75% and iOS at 17.3% of the total global smartphone market in the first quarter 2013 have the clear lead. Still, Microsoft saw an… Read more

LG Dumps Windows Phone, Goes All In With Android

LG Electronics announced to the Korea Herald this morning that they have no immediate plans to introduce any more Windows Phone devices. Instead, LG has decided to go all-in and focus on Android for future smartphone releases as suggested during the first quarter 2012 earnings call. Noting the slow sales of Windows Phone, LG says the market just isn’t… Read more

(NSFW Language) Someone Is Angry At Android Fans…Windows Phone Peoples, This Guy Is All Yours

Android faithful…unite against Mr. Unhappy as he rants, raves, whines and curses about how awesome the Lumia 900 is. Seriously, do not watch this video at work, it has a ridiculous amount of NSFW language. If vulgarity offends you, don’t want this video. If you want to laugh a Windows Phone fan who has had one too many drinks, it’s four minutes and… Read more