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For All Windows 8 Users: Get Your Google Back!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=TGplftLI9Fo Do you want a laugh? Here’s a good one. Google has created a short guide on how to Googlify your new install of Windows 8. All you really do is create tiles for Google Chrome and Google search. To get the tile, hit up GetYourGoogleBack to get that Google tile. Also, download Chrome for… Read more

AT&T Pantech Burst Receiving ICS Update Today

The Pantech Element isn’t the only Pantech receiving an Ice Cream Sandwich update today. The Pantech Burst joins in for dessert with its own update. Unfortunately, it too is not an OTA and requires a Windows PC to install. However, it’s still a good update that should make a lot of Burst owners happy. Here’s a changelog: New User… Read more

Leaked Verizon Roadmap Is Goldmine Of Information

A leak of a Verizon roadmap has provided a ton of information on new phones. Assuming it’s all accurate, this could be a good quarter for Verizon. The HTC DROID Incredible X was on the roadmap, with a 5″ display and a quad core processor. It’s that rumored HTC phablet we’ve seen a few times before. This competition to the Note II should be coming out… Read more