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Verizon Galaxy Note II Only $200 At Wirefly And Amazon

Never failing to deliver a good deal, both Wirefly and Amazon Wireless have the Verizon version of the Galaxy Note II for only $199.99 with a new two year contract. This thankfully applies to both upgrading customers and new ones. Wirefly only offers the Note II in gray, while Amazon Wireless has both gray and white. So it’s really up to you to choose… Read more

[Deal] Wirefly Offering DROID RAZR M For $50 On Verizon

Good news! An already cheap phone is even cheaper! The Motorola DROID RAZR M on Verizon is only $99 on contract, with some fantastic specs to back up that low price. With a 4.3″ qHD display with very little bezel around it, a 1.5 GHz dual core Snapdragon S4, 1GB of RAM, 8GB storage, NFC, a beefy 2,000 mAh battery, LTE, and Ice Cream Sandwich with an… Read more

Deal Alert – Motorola Droid RAZR M Available From Amazon and Wirefly For $50 and $80 Respectively

Only 24 hours following its release yesterday, the Motorola Droid RAZR M is already seeing significant discounts. Its a far cry from the days when carriers would list device discounts months, even in some cases, years after their release. Not an indication of its quality however, the new Droid RAZR M, is now selling for half of what Verizon listed the… Read more

HTC One S $125 On Wirefly, Finally Reasonable

Am I the only one that finds the price of the HTC One S ridiculous? They charge $200 for this phone, and it isn’t even high end. It has a 4.3″ qHD display. Granted, the rest of the specs match up with high end phones, aside from battery, but the display makes it a much more mid end device. In comparison, both AT&T and Sprint charge $200 for the HTC One… Read more