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Samsung Galaxy S 4 Wireless Charging Kit Images Leaked

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 may not have wireless charging built in, but the wireless charging kit Samsung should release will remedy that. This new charging kit has been leaked in some images showing off its pretty elegant aesthetics, along with the new backplate it comes it to allow the S 4 to charge wirelessly. The kit is said to come out in week 17,… Read more

Samsung Introduces 11 New Accessories For The Galaxy S 4

If you were looking to compliment your soon to be purchased Galaxy S 4 with some awesome accessories, Samsung is prepared to serve you well. They’re really making a push with accessories (unlike Google with their Nexus line), and some of these accessories are actually pretty impressive. The focus of many of these accessories is health, to be used… Read more

Rumor: Next Galaxy S Codenamed Altius, To Be Sold In April

This photo isn’t of the Galaxy S IV, it was found on Picasa claiming to be a press shot of it. With the old TouchWiz UI from the Galaxy S III and the battery percentage on (something Samsung doesn’t do in their press shots), this is definitely a fake. But it’s a nice fake, so we decided to show it off. We have a fresh batch of rumors for the Galaxy S… Read more

LG Revolution supports Qi wireless charging

While at CES in Vegas last week, Android and Me’s Taylor Wimberly attended a meeting held by the Wireless Power Consortium–members include HTC, Sony Ericsson, and LG–and filmed a demonstration of charging products with the standardized Qi compatibility brand. To his and our surprise, the LG Revolution was one of the demo phones on hand. Why Verizon and LG… Read more