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Leak Of Wireless Charging Pad For Nexus 4, Is That A TouchStone?

We aren’t at all sure if this is real or fake, but a wireless charging pad for the Nexus 4 has leaked out. It looks very much like a Palm Touchstone for webOS devices (and they work beautifully, I use one to charge my HP Veer), and hopefully performs just as well. If it’s anything like the Touchstone, it will be magnetic and hold the phone in place…. Read more

[Deal] DROID RAZR MAXX HD For $199, RAZR HD For $149

Amazon is having a massive sale on the RAZR HD series of phones, knocking a whole $100 off of the RAZR MAXX HD. The day after it comes out, and it’s already 1/3 off. Down from $299, the RAZR MAXX HD is now only $199. The standard RAZR HD has been dropped from $199 to $149, so the high end phone is quite cheap right now. And the best part? All of these… Read more

[Deal Alert] Samsung Galaxy S III $99.99/$129.99 On Amazon

The Galaxy S III, one of the best phones on the market, is on a big sale right now for three of the major carriers. Amazon Wireless is selling the Verizon and Sprint models for only $99.99 to new customers (and $149.99 for upgrades, sorry guys). The AT&T model is a bit pricier at $129.99, but upgrades are a cheaper $139.99. Either way, it’s a great deal… Read more

Motorola Razr V Now Available From Bell Mobility

Bell Mobility has officially announced availability for the Motorola Razr V. The mid-range handset is now available to purchase from the Canadian carrier for $29.95 with a new three-year service agreement. If you’re not into the whole commitment thing, you can purchase the device off-contract for $399.95. The Razr V is essentially a repackaged Atrix… Read more

My Verizon Data Widget Restored, Share Everything Supported

The My Verizon Data Usage widget has been restored. This is after weeks of being discontinued due to new Share Everything plans the carrier was pushing people to. The widget will once again display used data, with a catch. The widget does not refresh automatically anymore. Requiring a simple press of a button to do so. This can be quite confusing for… Read more