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New Samsung Ad Shows Galaxy Devices At The Work Site

http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5fcUf4d-Y3s#! From previous Samsung commercials, we know that the Galaxy phones are packed with features and cool stuff to make them fun to use. We also know that from experience, of course. But what about business? Samsung’s new ad sets out to prove that Galaxy devices aren’t just fun and games,… Read more

[Root] How To Install PlayStation Mobile On Any Device

PlayStation Mobile was released just last night, but most of us can never experience its glory (if you are inclined to call it that). It is only for certified devices, so if you don’t own a Sony or One series device, you’re out of luck. Until now of course. Doing what they do best, developers have gotten around that obstacle and made the app work on… Read more

What Goes On Inside Your Smartphone [Infographic]

Our friends over at MyCricket have done it again. This time we have an informative infographic detailing what exactly goes on behind that display on the smartphone in your pocket.  Have you ever wondered what happens when you plug up into the charger? Or how that awesome accelerometer and gyroscope work to keep game controls smooth? Check this… Read more