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Samsung Is Working On The Exynos 4 Vulnerabillity Flaw – What You Can Do While You Wait

Yesterday, the folks over at XDA Developers found a major vulnerability flaw within the Samsung Exynos 4210 and 4412 chips. The flaw gives users access to all of the physical memory of the device, which in ways is both beneficial and detrimental to devices containing those chips. The good news is that devices containing those chips will be super easy… Read more

XDA Developers Unlock Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3

Since the release of Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3, developers at XDA have worked diligently to crack the device.  As of early this morning, their mission was accomplished.  Should you choose to unlock your phone, beware:  “once the unsecure bootloader has been flashed to a device using this method, a user will no longer be able to install official… Read more

Verizon’s Galaxy SIII gains global roaming workaround

For Verizon customers traveling abroad, Big Red’s Galaxy S III becomes nothing more than a glorified media player, as it’s cell phone capabilities are rendered useless. Prior to the phone’s launch, Verizon had promised it’s customers that global roaming would be enabled at some point in the future via an OTA update. Now a month into the phone’s release… Read more

Jelly Bean Wallpapers Pulled From SDK, Posted Online For All

With the Jelly Bean SDK already in the wild, we knew it was just a matter of time before someone uploaded downloads we’d all want pulled straight from the SDK. Thanks to the boys at XDA, the very first thing you can grab are wallpapers Google has designed for Jelly Bean. The file is just 2.2MB in size and has 12 wallpapers all found in the new Jelly… Read more

XDA Developers is Changing Their Look

This isn’t device news, but if you own a Android device, this should be somewhat exciting news for you.  The extremely popular XDA Developers forums is testing a new beta layout for their forums.  If you’re not familiar with the XDA forums, I highly suggest you start snooping around there if you’re planning on doing any type of modification for your… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III S Voice APK Now Available

If you want something to do this weekend, take advantage of a newly leaked APK for Samsung’s soon-to-be-released S Voice application for the Galaxy S III on any rooted phone running Android 4.0 or above. We’re hearing that the software is imperfect and that’s to be expected from a piece of unfinished software from an unfinished ROM. Stated another… Read more

OMG, Flipboard For Android Is Here, Unofficially That Is

Flipboard for Android is here, it’s really really here. The app made a limited debut last week at Samsung’s Galaxy S III unveiling in London and was primed to be an exclusive app. Except, nothing is exclusive when the boys from XDA Developers get involved as the 2.32MB APK hit XDA this morning and should install on any Android… Read more