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Motorola fans outraged, launch war against locked bootloaders

Last year many Android fans took to Facebook and Twitter to go against the major Android manufacturers for locking down phones bootloaders. Most of them promised a second half of 2011 timeframe for the unlocking to begin, and many brought that. HTC is now offering unlocking for many of its phones, and Sony Ericsson has been doing this for awhile. But one… Read more

New HTC Pyramid pictures leak out, NFC on-board?

Those of you who were waiting to catche a glimpse of the rumored to be T-Mobile bound HTC Pyramid at CTIA were sorely let down. There was plenty of other Magenta colored goodies to be found, but no Pyramid. Fortunately, there’s still good leaks out there. The HTC Pyramid has been caught on film and shown off on XDA where some specs have been… Read more

XDA launches “Recognized Developer” program

If you’re a developer that regularly posts your work to the XDA forums, then there’s a good chance you’ve been driven mad by how quickly a thread can go down the drain. Everyday on XDA, development threads are flooded with simple questions and thank you posts (now considered spam) that make real bug tracking and other developer contributions unusable…. Read more

Run Honeycomb from NOOKcolor SD card

This is great news for people who like testing new software and tinkering around without actually altering (and potentially damaging) their hard earned gear. XDA-Developers member deeper-blue has made public his project that patches together the Honeycomb SDK emulator images, parts of CyanogenMod, and other little bits, allowing Android 3.0 to run on a… Read more