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Samsung Galaxy S III S Voice APK Now Available

If you want something to do this weekend, take advantage of a newly leaked APK for Samsung’s soon-to-be-released S Voice application for the Galaxy S III on any rooted phone running Android 4.0 or above. We’re hearing that the software is imperfect and that’s to be expected from a piece of unfinished software from an unfinished ROM. Stated another… Read more

OMG, Flipboard For Android Is Here, Unofficially That Is

Flipboard for Android is here, it’s really really here. The app made a limited debut last week at Samsung’s Galaxy S III unveiling in London and was primed to be an exclusive app. Except, nothing is exclusive when the boys from XDA Developers get involved as the 2.32MB APK hit XDA this morning and should install on any Android… Read more

XDA launches “Recognized Developer” program

If you’re a developer that regularly posts your work to the XDA forums, then there’s a good chance you’ve been driven mad by how quickly a thread can go down the drain. Everyday on XDA, development threads are flooded with simple questions and thank you posts (now considered spam) that make real bug tracking and other developer contributions unusable…. Read more

XDA Application Review

So xda-developers.com finally came out with their own Android application the other day. I thought it was pretty nice so I thought I’d show you how it works! :) Phone set-up in this video: – Kspec theme – Swype Keyboard – Cyanogen… Read more

Drizzy drama at XDA dev forums

UPDATE: Follow my links in the comments. A lot of people are saying that all of Drizzy’s deletions are an attempt to cover up his scamming for a free phone, not to dodge Motorola’s supposed inquiries or warnings. He also turns out to be HardDaez – the dude that stole the original Hero ROM from Haykuro, contributing to his decision to retire. Messy stuff,… Read more