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MIUI ROM by Xiaomi going open source

There are plenty of customizable, user-created ROMs out there. A lot of them. But there are only a few which manage to garner the attention of mainstream developers within the Android modding community, and manage to stick around over the years. Xiaomi, the company behind the ROM itself, has decided to go the open source route, providing the details of the… Read more

Xiaomi may have leaked the name of their next superphone

It looks like the next phone from Xiaomi may not be just a rumor after all. (Or it still could be.) That is, unless Xiaomi loves the rumor mill just as much as everyone else — and get a kick out of stoking the fire, too. We received word this morning that Giz-China, the source of the original leak regarding the Xiaomi M2, had actually received word from… Read more

Xiaomi M2 takes a ride in the rumor mill, comes out with high-end specs and cheap price tag

The original Xiaomi phone was a big hit over in China, and there were plenty of people here State-side who wished they could have gotten their hands on the device. Of course, with a handset like that, it wasn’t likely. And, now that rumors of a successor are breaking cover, we doubt the original device will ever be available here. But, with the… Read more