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HTC One XL, One + and EVO 4G LTE Receive PlayStation Certification

HTC and Sony have had a deal for awhile that allows select HTC devices to access the PlayStation mobile app store. Well, it looks like a few more devices have been added to the list. Sony has added three new HTC devices, the One XL (Snapdragon S4 North American variant of the One X), One X + and EVO 4G LTE. This adds to the already present list of the… Read more

HTC One XXL Rumored, Just A Beefed Up One XL

Sure, we’ve all heard of the One X, but what about the One XL? The One XL is the name that AT&T’s Snapdragon-equipped One X model is truly known as, although AT&T doesn’t advertise is as such. We’re now hearing rumors of an even more powerful One XL, going by the creative name of One XXL. Even though the name suggests that the phone is larger, the rumor… Read more

HTC Sensation XL ICS Update Live For Some

The HTC One XL was an important phone for HTC when it was released. It was their first venture into Beats audio, and it was their try at a big phone to challenge size standards. Unfortunately, its big 4.7″ screen was only 800×480 and pixel density dropped below 200 PPI. It was also released with Gingerbread at the same time the Galaxy Nexus was launched… Read more

HTC One XL Will Be Sold In Europe With LTE And Dual Core

The HTC One XL debuted on AT&T, challenging the international One X with its dual core Snapdragon S4 (compared to the international’s quad core Tegra 3) and superior LTE connectivity. Now you may have your opinions on which processor is better, but in real world usage, they’re about equal. The S4 has the advantage of being ever so slightly smoother,… Read more