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Xperia Devices Getting ICS Love, Also Root Love

Earlier this week we posted a story in regards to a leaked Xperia Pro ICS build available for developement.  Additionally, as promised by Sony, devices in their Xperia lineup have begun recieving ICS including the Xperia Neo and Neo V.  Now, even more exciting news for those of you that enjoy modding your Sony devices; you don’t have to worry about losing… Read more

Sony Ericsson confirms that updates to Ice Cream Sandwich will start in late March or early April

We aren’t sure why the phone manufacturers have decided to be so open with their update schedule for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but we love the transparency we’re getting. Sony Ericsson isn’t any different this time around, as the company has already confirmed which devices (with a supposed growing list) will be getting the much-anticipated update, but… Read more

Sony Ericsson confirms that all 2011 Xperia devices will be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich

For those of you out there who purchased a Sony Ericsson-branded Xperia device, you’ve probably been wondering whether or not you’d be officially updating to Android 4.0 anytime in the future. While Sony Ericsson has said in the past that these same devices would continue to see upgrades in some fashion or another, the exact details have been a bit shady…. Read more

Sony Ericsson Xperia neo V now available in the UK

Not to be outdone by HTC, Sony Ericsson has made it official for one of their latest Android-powered devices to make it over to the UK for fans in that region. The latest addition to the Xperia family of phones, the neo V is a far improvement over the original neo that we saw launch earlier in the year. The device is available in the UK off contract, and… Read more