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Sony Xperia Play now has an official Ice Cream Sandwich beta

Owners of the Xperia Play, have you been longing for Ice Cream Sandwich? You’re in luck, as the manufacturer of your handset is coming to the rescue. Sony is now offering its own Ice Cream Sandwich beta, and they need your help. If you’re into testing new software, give it a shot, and be sure to let Sony themselves know how the gaming controls work. Now… Read more

Sony Tablet P and XPERIA Play for AT&T offered in new bundle

Despite the fact that the XPERIA Play for AT&T has been out for awhile now, AT&T is offering up a new bundle for those of you out there who are wanting to pick up Sony’s new Tablet P (new for AT&T, at least), in a nice little bundle. It’s not a great bundle, though, considering you’ll have to walk into a store and leave with two different contracts, but at… Read more

Song Xperia Play now compatible with OnLive

One of the perks to buying an Xperia Play would be the fact that it has better game support than most other Android devices, and that has just gotten better. Onlive has recently released an app for its services to the Android Market, allowing players to use either their touchscreen or a Bluetooth controller to play full PC games. In its most recent update,… Read more

Sony Ericsson confirms that updates to Ice Cream Sandwich will start in late March or early April

We aren’t sure why the phone manufacturers have decided to be so open with their update schedule for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but we love the transparency we’re getting. Sony Ericsson isn’t any different this time around, as the company has already confirmed which devices (with a supposed growing list) will be getting the much-anticipated update, but… Read more

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play 4G leaks in training document

Well look what we have here. The original Xperia Play was more or less a dud, featuring mid-range specs (at the time) for a device that was supposed to run the most high-end games. It ultimately didn’t meet the expectations, and turned into a niche phone. Above you see an image of what is supposedly a Verizon training document, showing that they may be… Read more

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play comes to CSpire

Paging all Sony fanboys. Please locate your party at CSpire. Though it has certainly been around the block, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is by no means done with its North American tour. The little gaming smartphone that could has just come to CSpire for the bargain price of $50 on contract (after a $50 rebate). The phone hasn’t undergone any changes…. Read more