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Sony Xperia J Promotional Images Leak

Sony’s upcoming budget-friendly handset, the Xperia J, now has official promo images leaked courtsey of ePrice. While images of the hardware asd well as the phone’s specs have already been shared publicly, these new images shed a bit more about the phone’s design. Keep in mind the phone features a 1GHz Snapdragon MSM7227a CPU, 512MB RAM, a 5MP camera… Read more

Google Launches AOSP Support For Sony Xperia S

Google’s Jean-Baptiste Queru, who serves as prominent leader of the AOSP development team, began “an experiment” with the Sony Xperia S this week. The experiment is any developer’s dream come true. Google intends to work directly with the developer community to support the Xperia S through the AOSP in a way that’s similar to how Google works with… Read more

Sony Xperia S Gets New Coat, Dark Silver

Sony is now teasing a new color for its Xperia S phone, dark silver. It’s a contradiction, but a good looking one. Basically it’s a really nice shade of gray covering the entire body of this aging but respectable phone. Personally, I think this phone looks really nice purely in terms of aesthetics. Sony is sure to introduce a few more colors soon, so… Read more

Sony LT29i Will Reportedly Launch As The Xperia TX

The Sony LT29i has been rumored for several months, but the new flagship phone has been left nameless until now. Sources familiar with the matter have confirmed that the Xperia GX-like variant will hit the market as the Sony Xperia TX.  The company’s new naming scheme positions the TX above its mid-range Xperia T (LT30p) handset. If past leaks are… Read more

Silver Sony Xperia SL Leaked, Xperia S Replacement

The Sony Xperia SL is the rumored replacement to the Xperia S, being very similar but a small upgrade with internals. It is rumored to have a CPU clocked at a quite high 1.7 GHz and will come in new colors, like this silver color. The original came in only black and white, so this might be a good reason for people who never owned an Xperia S to buy it…. Read more

2011 Sony Xperia Line Not Getting Jelly Bean

All the older Xperia phones have been getting the Ice Cream Sandwich treatment, which is very impressive. Sony has shocked us all with its software updates. However, a rep on their UK Facebook page said that there are no plans to bring Jelly Bean to the older phones. This isn’t particularly surprising, even though we know Jelly Bean is nearly the same… Read more