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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10

I was ultra-sick in bed yesterday, so I didn’t get to break this news when I should have. Then again, we all knew it was coming so I wouldn’t have been breaking anything, exactly. Anyway, the X10 will be available in Q1 2010 and features what SE is calling a new UX (user experience) that they promise to be “the most open, human and intuitive user experience… Read more

Sony Ericsson’s Android teaser

11/3 can’t come soon enough. This short but sweet video of the Sony Ericsson phone that may be called Infinity shows off the device’s hardware in the incredibly flattering Luster White finish. Put that together with the Rachael UI seen in video number two (via kravvykrav), and you have a legitimate excuse to steal your grandfather’s fillings while he… Read more

Sony Ericcson’s XPERIA X3, X10, Infinity, whatever

It’s got Rachael, and she is hot. What is generally thought to be a Snapdragon-wielding weapon of sex could be launched as soon as November 3rd. Other preliminary specs include a 4″ 400 x 800 touch screen, an 8 MP cam, and 32 Gigs of storage… plus SD. The SE homepage currently features a teaser for this device date, and I, for one, am on the edge of my… Read more

Video: Sony Ericsson’s AmbientTime Lite

This is available on the market now, and curiously, functions as a home replacement. Must have something to do with the XPERIA X3 and all that stuff about Rachael. Hmmmm. The page cited in the Market entry is down, so I don’t have any details on this app…. Read more

Will Rachael ring in a Happy New Year?

As my source article emphatically states; take this tease with a grain of salt. But mobile Crunch has it “on good word” that the XPERIA X3 will be dropping (alongside the WinMo X2) this coming January. Despite my having zero in-person experience with Cliq or Pulse, I’ve kind of placed the custom UIs of those two phones – MotoBlur and Canvas,… Read more