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Samsung Announces Youm – A Flexible OLED Display

Image courtesy of CNET Samsung announced at their CES keynote that they’re working on a flexible OLED display called Youm. They say that the Youm has much better colors and contrast compared to other displays out there, and all in a super thin, flexible form factor. The flexible display is, of course, bendable, and it allows you to see what’s on… Read more

Samsung to Produce Semi-Flexible Displays by Q4 This Year

As we know, and as I’ve joked many times before, Samsung is always talking about the “Next Big Thing.” In addition, they have been hinting at the possibility of flexible displays for quite some time now. These panels, officially named, Youm, are not only flexible, but they are also much thinner (0.6mm) and virtually indestructible. The real kicker… Read more