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(NSFW Language) Someone Is Angry At Android Fans…Windows Phone Peoples, This Guy Is All Yours

Android faithful…unite against Mr. Unhappy as he rants, raves, whines and curses about how awesome the Lumia 900 is. Seriously, do not watch this video at work, it has a ridiculous amount of NSFW language. If vulgarity offends you, don’t want this video. If you want to laugh a Windows Phone fan who has had one too many drinks, it’s four minutes and… Read more

Ninjas unbox the Galaxy Nexus, this time it’s interactive

We watched Ninjas unbox the Nexus S by Samsung, and even the Nexus One by HTC. And now they’ve gotten their hands on the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung. Go ahead and head through the source link below to see it for yourself. Oh, and just sit back and relax as it does it’s thing — you actually get to be part of the experience this time, as you take control of the… Read more

YouTube Adds HTML5 1080p Playback, Tests New Flash Features

Most internet users are not too fond of Adobe Flash. In fact a campaign called “Occupy Flash” has started which urges users to remove Flash completely from their devices. We’re not quite that aggressive, but we like it when sites move towards HTML5. YouTube is the next site to transition more towards HTML5. The latest features added to YouTube’s HTML5… Read more

Google Releases Official Galaxy Nexus Demo Videos

The GoogleNexus YouTube Channel just released a slew of new demo videos showcasing Android 4.0on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. These features aren’t anything we haven’t already seen, but they’re still fun to watch until we have it in our own hands. We’ve embedded some of the most revealing videos below, but be sure to stop by the YouTube Channel to view them… Read more