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Johnny Carson’s greatest moments on YouTube

YouTube announced today the launching of an official Johnny Carson channel, and it’s chock full of classic and historic comedy moments. Tiny Tim’s wedding, Roseanne Bar’s first television appearance, Jim Carrey’s U.S. TV debut, and many, many more are available. You’ll also find the classic bits like Carnac the Magnificent. Steve Martin, a young… Read more

Lollapalooza live from YouTube

’91, Fiddler’s Green Starting today at 11:30 a.m. Pacific, YouTube wil be livestreaming the 20th anniversary Chicago, IL incarnation of Perry Farrell’s legendary Lallapalooza festival. The line-up includes Explosions in the Sky, Ween, A Perfect Circle, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Deadmau5, Eminem, Bright Eyes, Arctic Monkey, OK Go, The Kills, Beats Antique,… Read more

New YouTube features arrive via Cosmic Panda

YouTube is undergoing some experimental layout and viewing changes as part of a test project called Cosmic Panda. Click that link to partake in the latest TestTube project. Some of the changes will look familiar, like the playlist view that takes some inspiration from Leanback. Others are brand new, and focus on a modern, wide view. You can enable… Read more

YouTube launches movie rentals

In a post covering the history of YouTube, the increasing lack of distinction between video delivery methods, and the video giant’s investments in original content, Salar Kamangar announced today the imminent availability of YouTube video rentals. The system, which will rely on Google Checkout for payments, was first announced in January. YT Movies… Read more

America’s Got Talent wants YouTube submissions

This year’s partnership between YouTube and America’s Got Talent throws iPhone and Android apps into the mix, allowing users to shoot a video of themselves singing, dancing, or demonstrating some other talent and then upload it while mobile. Of course, contestant hopefuls can upload their submissions the old fashioned way as well, over at… Read more

YouTube Screening Room showcases Tribeca short films

Google is providing access to short films from this year’s Tribeca Film Festival for those who can’t make the journey to NYC with YouTube Screening Room. The channel was home to short films from the The Sundance Festival at the beginning of the year, and if you head over to the YouTube Screening Room right now, you’ll find a host of short films that range… Read more

Have content on Google Video? Save it while you can

After blocking the upload of new videos to its servers in May of 2009, Google Video allowed playback of stored content to continue. But as of April 29th of this year, viewing will be disabled–for the public and for account holders with hosted files. However, users have until May 13th to download their own videos via a button on their video status page…. Read more

YouTube to host first virtual Partner meetup

Tomorrow, at 2PM Pacific and 5PM Eastern, YouTube Product Manager Phil Farhi will be leading a discussion in which YouTubePartners’ ad and revenue-related questions will be answered, new features will be announced, and tips on turning a buck with your YouTube account will be covered. Today is the last day to send in your questions, so submit them for… Read more

YouTube Symphony Orchestra, 2011

In 2009, YouTube put out a call for world class as well as amateur musicians to submit videos of themselves performing a piece on their chosen instrument for public voting. Once the cream had risen to the top of the talent pool, experts judged the performances, selecting those few who would comprise the YouTube Symphony Orchestra and perform at Carnegie… Read more