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Video: YouTube’s Life in a Day, first teaser

Last July, YouTube had users submit videos that they felt represented the beauty of their daily routines. Over 80,000 videos were shot and submitted in a single day. These videos would need to be sorted through before edited and assembled for used in Life in a Day, a crowd-sourced feature film that will debut at the Sundance film festival on January… Read more

Google’s new YouTube channel: Open Source Programs Office

Yesterday, Google launched a new YouTube channel called googleOSPO. It’s an organizational channel established for the purpose of bringing open source related content from other Google channels together in one place. There you’ll find videos from Google Tech Talks episodes of Geek Time, and more. This new channel runs alongside the Google OSPO Student… Read more

Did you catch the launch of YouTube Trends?

Last week, Google quietly unveiled their new YouTube Trends product: a host of tools that help you discover hot, upcoming videos and trending topics based on the location and age of viewers. If your subscriptions and Featured Videos section leave you wanting, and you don’t feel like hiring an army to sift through those 35 hours of videos that are… Read more

YouTube “I Want My Google TV” contest puts 100 Sony Internet Televisions up for grabs

In celebration of the season and to spread the word about their potentially revolutionary product, Google TV, the Big G is handing out 100 (yes, 100) free 46″ Sony Internet televisions this winter. To enter, just make a YouTube video expressing your enthusiasm for Google TV and upload it to YouTube by December 22nd. Be sure to tag it with “ytgtv” for… Read more

YouTube 2.1 hits the Android Market

YouTube for Android application updates are no longer attached to to Android updates, which means lots of great new features and functionality for all of us running Android 2.2, right now. YouTube 2.1 hit the Market yesterday with answers to user requests submitted after the launch of version 2.0 of the app a few weeks back. It’s an incremental release, but… Read more

Google releases YouTube Remote

Google added a new app to the Android Market today, and it’s called YouTube Remote. It does just what you would expect it to do, and perhaps a bit more. The idea is that it allows you to navigate and control YouTube on your phone while watching the videos (in Leanback mode) on a larger screen. It works with any device that can run Leanback, which means… Read more

MKB Reviews: YouTube standalone app

Google has continued its streak of bringing native Android Applications to the market, following up Google Voice and Gmail with YouTube. The latest iteration of the YouTube application features new player controls, a horizontal and vertical video watching mode, and many more features that were unavailable in the previous version of the app. All of this… Read more

Bed Intruder star pimps sex offender app

Antoine Dodson took the world by storm when he addressed the would-be rapist of his sister on a local news broadcast, a recording of which was then auto-tuned, remixed, and referenced the world around. One video by the Auto-Tune the News crew (second video below) has over 34 million views at the time of this writing. One crazy pop culture junky even got the… Read more

Google TV vs. Apple TV, part 1: interface, YouTube, Netflix

Of course the primary difference between Google TV and Apple TV is that the former is meant to provide some new content and integrate with an existing supply of content (from your cable or dish supplier) and the later is designed to deliver content with no regard for existing television programming. But there are plenty of other differentiators and I wanted… Read more

YouTube mobile sees large improvement

According to YouTube, video playback though m.youtube.com has exploded. In 2009, playback was up a massive 160% (that’s 100 million plays a DAY), thanks to the smart-phone explosion. Perhaps it’s time YT invested a little more into the mobile version of their site? Oh yes, most definitely. YouTube Blog has listed some of the changes they’ve made that are… Read more