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Sony’s Japanese Website Leaks Upcoming Xperia Z ‘Yuga’ And Xperia ZL ‘Odin’ Smartphones

A bit of a ooops on Sony Mobile’s Japanese website last night as the company accidentally posted two premature shots of the upcoming Xperia Z “Yuga” and Xperia ZL “Odin” The two press shots appeared overnight and definitely look very similar to the earlier set of leaked images we saw ten days ago. The ZL “Odin” looks to be the more… Read more

Sony Yuga Leaks, May Be Their Galaxy Note Competitor

With the great success of the Galaxy Note, it makes sense that every phone manufacturer and their brother would want to get into the phablet market. Sony has yet to reveal anything, but that may change come CES. A new image of the Sony ‘Yuga’ has leaked, and it may give the Note II something to worry about. The device is said to feature a 5-inch… Read more