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Amazon Appstore Rumored To Arrive In Europe This Summer

Amazon’s Appstore has given Android users an alternative to the Google Play Store for nearly a year and a half, but so far only users in the US have been able to take advantage of it. Sources familiar with the matter are reporting that the third-party app store will make its debut in the European market “sometime this summer”. In addition the release of… Read more

Google’s Innovations at WWDC 2012

Maps and navigation in iOS. A Safari Omnibar and Tab Sync. These are just a few of the things announced today at Apple’s Worldwide Developer conference that you can already use on your Android device. Let’s take a quick video look at Google’s Innovations that made their way to WWDC 2012. Complete list of “new” WWDC Introductions: Documents in… Read more

iOS 6 Is Apple’s Biggest Disappointment, Has Android Won?

Today was a big day for Apple, a major player in the tech world. It was the beginning of their annual developer conference, known as WWDC. It was kicked off with a keynote, and among the announcements were a refresh of the MacBook line (along with the reveal of the new MacBook Pro – I want that thing so much, even if I need to sell a kidney), talk about… Read more

Google Maps Kicked Off Of iOS List Of Stock Apps

This has been rumored for quite a while, but it is now official. Google Maps will no longer be included on any iOS device. Apple has purchased many companies and is using their assets to create their own maps service to rival Google. The Maps app on iOS devices has not exactly been the best app. Apple had designed it with Google’s assets, and the… Read more

T-Mobile Galaxy S II Receiving ICS Tonight!

It’s finally here! It’s quite a big event, as Samsung has updated a US Galaxy SII to Ice Cream Sandwich. Sure, it wasn’t the fastest update, but it was faster than most phones were upgraded stateside. And T-Mobile has the honor of being the first carrier to have their SII updated to the coveted Ice Cream Sandwich. Software version T989UVLE1 will be… Read more

Samsung Denies Nokia Acquisition Rumors, World Rejoices

Samsung has denied reports it is interested in acquiring Nokia among what can only be said is another set of rumors that ailing Nokia is looking for a sale. In a brief statement, Samsung denied having any plans to buy the Finnish giant: “Such reports are purely speculative and are not true.” The only real bonus with this story is the 6% bump… Read more

Samsung Exhilarate Available Today From AT&T

Today marks the launch of AT&T’s newest Android handset, the Samsung Exhilarate. The carrier’s new affordable device features a 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM and LTE connectivity. The device also sports a 5-megapixel rear shooter as well as a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera. AT&T ‘s newest smartphone is… Read more