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Can The Galaxy Nexus Save Sprint?

It’s no secret that Sprint is struggling as a network, with many users reporting poor 3G speeds and a weak 4G network. On top of that, they are now making the switch from WiMax to LTE, a move that will either make or break the carrier. Sprint was once a premiere Android carrier, with the EVO 4G, the best phone of its time. Since then there hasn’t been an… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 15-week Review [Video]

This is Google’s flagship device, 15 weeks later from the perspective of an Android enthusiast and a fairly advanced user. It’s running the latest build of AOKP with a Franco Kernel handling the power. Enjoy the video! Hardware The Galaxy Nexus has held up very well for the past few months. One of the major initial complaints on launch was that… Read more

Motorola May Jump To The Qualcomm Bandwagon, S4 Processors Spotted In New Benchmarks

Motorola has been one the biggest customers to Texas Instruments in the phone industry, as many of the company’s handsets sport TI OMAP processors. OMAP processors have proven to be more than capable, but it appears that the company may be jumping ship. A newly leaked benchmark shows an unannounced Motorola device sporting a Snapdragon S4 Krait processor…. Read more

Google’s Long-Rumored Google Drive Launching Next Week?

I know a lot of us live and breathe using our Dropbox accounts, but what are the chances you could be torn away by the promise of a Google based Dropbox service? Enter Google Drive, the long-rumored Dropbox competitor and a host of new rumors on the upcoming service. TheNextWeb received a draft release from a Google partner regarding Google drive… Read more

Asus Transformer Prime Dongle Now Available For Order

Right on schedule Asus has announced the availability of a free GPS dongle that will drastically improve the accuracy and speed of lock-ons for Transformer Prime owners. Prime owners will have to register on Asus’ website and have the dongle shipped, however, it’s well worth registering for a free fix. The unfortunate news is the proprietary… Read more

Sprint Galaxy Nexus Is A Go For April 22nd, $199.99

After every bit on intel in the last 10 days pointed to an April 22nd launch date, Sprint has just gone and made it completely official. The Sprint Galaxy Nexus will launch on Sprint’s as-of-yet-unlaunched LTE network next Sunday for $199.99. Sprint also placed a pre-order online via allowing you to get your hands on the device the day it… Read more

First Pictures Of Transfer Prime GPS Dongle Appear In The Wild

When I think of a “dongle” I tend to think of something a little smaller but the newest hardware add-on for the Asus Transformer Prime will correct GPS issues that have targeted the device since launch. The lengthy signal-enhancing bar locks into the Prime’s docking port atop the device using an Asus proprietary 40-pin connecter. The folks… Read more