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Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon will reportedly sell for $289 on contract at Costco

With the release of the Galaxy Nexus for Verizon seemingly right around the corner, it’s no surprise that the leaks regarding the device haven’t slowed down. While we have already seen that Costco had every intention of selling the device on December 9th as well, whether or not that still happens is anyone’s guess. The likely rumor is that the release has… Read more

OnLive hits Android; LA Noire in tow

OnLive has launched on Android allowing subscribers to play games on their tablets and smartphones. OnLive’s service utilizes server-side computing power to render graphically-intense games and stream them via the cloud. The game-streaming service adds L.A. Noire to its offerings and brings on-screen controls created by the developers that will leverage… Read more

Senseg brings textures and friction to your touchscreen

Just when we thought technology had nothing up its sleeve, Senseg makes us all hold our breath. Senseg is a company that created an amazing technology that allows you to feel things on your tablet. They use a innovative hardware and software that creates an electrostatic field and the rest is just strange voodoo from a galaxy far, far away. This is… Read more

Google scores a point in Oracle court battle

Google was sued by Oracle last year for allegedly infringing on patents based on their Java platform. A portfolio of patents Oracle scored when they acquired Sun Microsystems. The initial suit sought $6.1 billion in damages for the infringement. Early in the case, Google requested that an examination of all the patents involved in the suit be… Read more

Instagram for Android officially in works

Instagram, the popular iPhone application, is making its way to Android. Today we’ve finally gotten some confirmation, as the CEO confirmed at LeWeb that they have two developers currently working on it. There’s still no date to be heard of, but it’s reassuring to hear that it’s at least being worked on. The app has been hinted in the past, so this… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon gets extended battery

While we still have no idea when Verizon’s version of the Galaxy Nexus will be launching, we now know that any power user needing just a little more juice can get it. Verizon will be selling a 2100mAh extended battery for $50, but there is a trade-off. That extra juice takes up more space, and a bigger battery cover will be sold with the battery. Battery… Read more

LG Optimus Pad 2 gets more leaked pictures

Remember when we saw pictures of what appeared to be LG’s second Optimus Pad? We now have even more, as new images have leaked onto the web. If we remember correctly, the rumored specs include a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, what appears to be an LTE radio, dual-cameras with a 1.3MP shooter up front and an 8MP one on the back, and a 8.9″ screen… Read more