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Garminfone. T-Mobile. June. $200.

That’s $200 with a new contract and qualifying plan, $450 outright. T-Mobile has bundled some services and apps together, but underneath, this one has all of the features of a Garmin Navigation unit that you would find in a car and will be controlled via a 3.5″ touch screen. Can Garmin compete with Google in the cell phone navigation department? After… Read more

LG Ally hands on

Aaron from phoneDog got to handle LG’s latest Android (2.1) at the launch party in NYC. It’s not the monster many were expecting when the device was called Aloha, but it does look like it will be a nice, cheaper alternative to Incredible for Verizon customers when it launches on May 20th for $99.99 after $100 rebate on a new two-year contract. Via… Read more

The story of HTC (in two and a half minutes)

My favorite handset manufacturer recently uploaded a short video titled “The Quietly Brilliant Story of HTC”.  I knew that HTC has been around for awhile, but I didn’t know that they were behind some of the popular, early PDAs and smartphones.  It’s good to see them in the spotlight, rather than behind the scenes (no pun… Read more

Sprint and Samsung deliver the first Citrix Ready device

You might be thinking “What does this mean for me?”.  While the casual Android may never utilize this feature, this is big news for folks that use their phone for business.  The Samsung Moment is the first Android device to pass Citrix certification.  Citrix offers several platforms that allow users to connect to remotely connect to their desktop… Read more

CSL Limited brings the HTC Desire to Hong Kong

Today, HTC announced that they will be exclusivley partnering with CSL Limited to release the HTC Desire in Hong Kong.  We can add this to the growing list of international carriers that will stock the HTC superphone.  The Desire will be offered via CSL’s one2free and 1010 brands, and comes in its standard flavor with a 2GB microSD card. Aenil Premji,… Read more

Google I/O Android Sessions

Google I/O is just around the corner and there is certainly a lot of buzz around mobile and Android.  Each day has a full track dedicated to Android and there are two Fireside Chats specifically targeting our little green buddy.  The sessions range from beginner to advanced, with three sessions still “TBA”.  I’d be willing to bet that these are reserved… Read more

Archos 7 Home Tablet up for pre-order at Amazon for $199.99

Our friends, over at AndroidGuys (via CNET), are reporting that the new Archos 7 Home Tablet will be available in June.  However, if you head over to the Amazon pre-order page, it shows a May 27th release date.  I’m not sure which is right.  Amazon has been known to botch release dates or product info.  Suffice to say, the device is coming very… Read more

Is this Android 2.2?

Please. Please, please, please take this with a giant grain of salt. What you see before you may very well be Android 2.2, AKA, FroYo. There is a video floating around on the net (see: here) that shows a Nexus One playing some Flash material. We have been hearing for awhile now that Flash will come with 2.2 (which will launch at Google I/O this month), so… Read more

myTouch 3G update coming soon

It’s about time! We’ve been hearing about the myTouch 3G getting an update from Android 1.6 for quite some time now. T-Mobile’s VP of Production Innovation Andrew Sherrard said the update is being tested right now to make sure everything works perfect, virtual genius button and all. Now that we know the update is going to be similar to the myTouch… Read more

Square Motowhat = Motorola Flipout

Hey… Don’t I know you from somewhere? I know I’ve never actually met you, you just seem really familiar. I think the last time I saw you, you were doing math. What’s your name? The Flipout? Interesting. Alright, alright, alright. Enough of that. I’m sure all you faithful DroidDog fans know what I was talking about. Let’s forget that just happened… Read more

Another one bites the dust; Sprint opts-out for Nexus One


With the HTC EVO 4G set to drop in about a month or so, it’s not surprising that Sprint has decided to not offer the Nexus One.  This comes just a couple of weeks after Verizon decided bump the Google Superphone, in favor of their very own Incredible. You may say “Why did AT&T and T-Mobile go for the Nexus One?”.  In all honesty, they didn’t. … Read more

The Saturday Wrap: 5/8/2010

To subscribe to the DroidDog Saturday Wrap, click here. Looking for a weekly nutshell of Android news? The Saturday Wrap is for you Feel that? Ahh yes. That’s the feeling of yet another week in Android news gone by. You know, it feels like every week Android is growing stronger. I constantly see more and more news, leaks, apps, and reviews pop up… Read more