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Fennec video shows very early build

I’ve been looking forward to Firefox mobile for a long time. Since before the G1 shipped, actually. And it looks like my prediction of Fennec gracing millions of phones within two years of the day I took those screenshots in a virtualized Android environment could possibly pan out. Right now, Fennec developers are pointing to the end of 2010 as a window for… Read more

Dell Aero a bit disappointing?


I haven’t personally held Dell’s Aero, so I can’t offer any comments of my own regarding the quality of the experience. However, Joshua Topolsky was allowed to test the phone that bloggers were allowed to handle (but not turn on) at CTIA, and he’s viewing Aero as a “glorified featurephone.” As you’ll see in the video below, the UI has been heavily modified… Read more

No multi-touch for X10


Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X10 has been taking a bit of a beating in tech blogs lately for various reasons, the primary one being that the software doesn’t seem to have improved all that much since an ill conceived luncheon presser in New York that left virtually all attendees wondering why on Earth they were allowed to test a phone so far from being ready for… Read more

Worlds Fastest Text on a Touch Screen Phone – Broken!

If you’ve ever seen Samsung’s ad for the Omnia® II™, then you’ve seen the time to beat for the world’s fastest text message sent (35.54 seconds). And if you were paying attention, you’d notice that the guy in the ad was using the Swype, software that allows you to trace a shape through the letters on the keyboard and it spells out your word for you…. Read more

DroidWars: Television

There are a lot of Android apps available for watching website video feeds, music videos, movie trailers and so on. So many, that I can’t imagine trying to put together a DroidWars about them. And while the Market is almost equally saturated with apps designed to bring you some sort of television related experience, very few deliver up-to-date (let alone… Read more

The Saturday Wrap: 03/27/10


To subscribe to the DroidDog Saturday Wrap, click here. Looking for a weekly nutshell of Android news? The Saturday Wrap is for you. If you’ve paid any attention to tech over the last week, you know about CTIA in Las Vegas. And chances are that anyone reading this is well aware of the two biggest Android stories to come out of CTIA: HTC’s 4G EVO for… Read more

DroidDog’s Second Hacked G1 Giveaway!

EDIT: The winner has been contacted and has responded so this one is over, folks. Stay tuned for the next one! It’s been too long since I gave a phone away! So here we go with another rooted G1, this one running the SuperD ROM. Of course, the whole point of these giveaways is to provide a hack toy for someone who doesn’t want to risk their own phone,… Read more

Devour now available

Motorola’s Devour is now available at Verizon stores and at their website for $149.99 with the activation of a new two year contract. The phone, which ships with Android 1.6, features a 3.1″, 320 x 480, HVGA screen; slide-out QWERTY; 3.0MP cam with video capture; optical trackpad; and MotoBlur. What do you think? Is $149 a good price for these budget specs?… Read more

Your Sony Ericsson X10 questions and requests


It’s that time again, folks. if you have a question about the X10 that you want answered on video, or want me to demonstrate it doing something specific (i.e., bog it down, watch videos, play a certain game), @reply me on Twitter: PhoneDog_John; or send a text message to 503-MOB-BARK. That’s for text messages only; calls and voice mails will be disregarded…. Read more

App Review: App Protector

Are you concerned about the security of the information stored in, and accessed by, your mobile apps? I’m not just talking about worst case scenarios, in which your phone is stolen by a hacker who knows how to recover your banking password or your teenage kids get a hold of pictures depicting you on your knees with a beer bong. Maybe you like to show off… Read more