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The Saturday Wrap: 03/27/10


To subscribe to the DroidDog Saturday Wrap, click here. Looking for a weekly nutshell of Android news? The Saturday Wrap is for you. If you’ve paid any attention to tech over the last week, you know about CTIA in Las Vegas. And chances are that anyone reading this is well aware of the two biggest Android stories to come out of CTIA: HTC’s 4G EVO for… Read more

DroidDog’s Second Hacked G1 Giveaway!

EDIT: The winner has been contacted and has responded so this one is over, folks. Stay tuned for the next one! It’s been too long since I gave a phone away! So here we go with another rooted G1, this one running the SuperD ROM. Of course, the whole point of these giveaways is to provide a hack toy for someone who doesn’t want to risk their own phone,… Read more

Devour now available

Motorola’s Devour is now available at Verizon stores and at their website for $149.99 with the activation of a new two year contract. The phone, which ships with Android 1.6, features a 3.1″, 320 x 480, HVGA screen; slide-out QWERTY; 3.0MP cam with video capture; optical trackpad; and MotoBlur. What do you think? Is $149 a good price for these budget specs?… Read more

Your Sony Ericsson X10 questions and requests


It’s that time again, folks. if you have a question about the X10 that you want answered on video, or want me to demonstrate it doing something specific (i.e., bog it down, watch videos, play a certain game), @reply me on Twitter: PhoneDog_John; or send a text message to 503-MOB-BARK. That’s for text messages only; calls and voice mails will be disregarded…. Read more

App Review: App Protector

Are you concerned about the security of the information stored in, and accessed by, your mobile apps? I’m not just talking about worst case scenarios, in which your phone is stolen by a hacker who knows how to recover your banking password or your teenage kids get a hold of pictures depicting you on your knees with a beer bong. Maybe you like to show off… Read more

More EVO hands on time at CTIA

If the PhoneDog EVO video I posted yesterday wasn’t enough for you, check out this one that Noah and Aaron shot as the convention center was being shut down. This phone is full of wow: it’s a mobile router/hotspot for eight devices, can output HDMI, has dual cameras, and rocks pretty much everywhere that 99.9% of phones don’t. And in my personal opinion,… Read more

Knocking Live: video calls between iPhone and Android

For those of you that haven’t heard of Knocking Live before, it’s a tremendously successful video sharing app that has remained in the top ten of iPhone social apps since launch. Despite the strong numbers the program has achieved, the launch itself wasn’t exactly smooth. In fact, the program was originally banned fro the Apple App Store, only to be… Read more

EVO to launch in late May? Uh, nope!


UPDATE: I was wrong. The author of the post I was skeptical about, which was submitted to me as a story for this website, has returned to remind me of this post and to gloat just a bit. But what can I say? He called it (see comments). Be sure to check out Wen’s posts at MobileBlab. END UPDATE ____________________________ MobileBlab is reporting… Read more

Dell Mini 5 demo from CTIA


Some folks from TheStreet are at CTIA and caught a video demonstration of Dell’s Mini 5 (as it is known on the Internet). The quad-band GSM and WCDMA device to output 720p video over HDMI. Nice. It looks like the PR rep and cameraman from TheStreet are having a tug-o’-war. I think Dell kept the gadget though. Video after the break…. Read more

CTIA: Kyocera Zio hands on

We told you yesterday about Kyocera’s budget entry into the Android game, and Aaron from PhoneDog got some demo time with the device, which will sell for around $200 and packs a 480 x 800 display and 600 MHz Qualcomm pocessor. Via PhoneDog… Read more

Sony Ericsson X10 entirely subsidized by T-Mobile UK

UPDATE: HTC’s Desire is also free on a similar contract, but with 1200 minutes! While we still don’t have any details on the American release, we know exactly what customers will be paying to get their hands on the phone on T-Mobile across the pond: nothing. That is, on a two-year contract at £35.00 a month ($currently around $52) for 900 minutes and… Read more