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Darkstar Theme Review

Hey everyone, In the video below, I review the Darkstar theme made by FreekyFroggy. It is, in my opinion, the best theme out right now. Here’s the link to download it: -Carlos… Read more

LG LS680 headed for Sprint

Well not much is known about this one yet. BGR has gotten their hands on what appears to be a screenshot of Sprint’s inventory list, showing off the LG LS680. Since there are no pics of the device itself we are left to guess what such a device from LG would look like. Most are speculating that LG will keep with the theme and we will be seeing this… Read more

Google Goggles on X10

I’m going to pass along the advice given at Android Central and say TURN DOWN THE VOLUME BEFORE HITTING PLAY. Yes, it’s a bit overwhelming – for the ears, and possibly your speakers. I really wish I could go in-depth here and give my opinion on several different aspects of this phone right now but I have yet to hold one. What I can say is that it… Read more

T-Mobile G1 to recieve 2.x OTA

It seems like a few of you may be getting your Christmas wish after all. Sources say that Android 2.0 and 2.0.1 have already been prepared as OTA updates and are ready for release come next year. This will come as a relief to many as it was once believed that the Eclair update would be too big for the G1′s internal memory that had been set aside for the… Read more

The Saturday Wrap: 12/26/09

To subscribe to the DroidDog Saturday Wrap, click here. Looking for a weekly nutshell of Android news? The Saturday Wrap is for you. New team members Hello, hello, fellow Android enthusiasts! I trust you all had a great holiday week, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. We’ve got several little treats here at DroidDog in the form of new site… Read more

Vid: Espresso ROM running on GSM Hero

At the beginning of the month, an Android hacker discovered a load of HTC codenames buried in a ROM. And though Espresso didn’t turn up in the following week’s leak – an HTC roadmap replete with device photos – we did get a look at the handset’s profile. Espresso is the Sense-equipped follow-up to HTC’s ground-breaking Hero. This time around, it will… Read more

Android App Store fragmentation

Everyone knows that Android has been heading down the dark path of fragmentation with every handset maker wanting to put their own spin on Android. HTC started this trend with their Sense UI on the HTC Hero and has been applying their UI to every Android device they have manufactured since. Motorola followed suit with Blur, the multi-hyper-connected UI for… Read more

Motorola Cliq (T-Mobile): questions and requests

I’m back with another questions and requests series, and this time it’s all about MotoBlur. Well, that’s actually just where I thought the focus would be. It turned out that I got dozens of duplicate questions about how this device stacks up against the Behold II. A LOT of you wanted some definitive answers on updates. As of right now, I think the hacking… Read more

Nexus One full spec list

Nexus One Spec Sheet 1

The Nexus One has been propelled into the spotlight and has dominated the Blogosphere for nearly two weeks now with speculation about what this Golden Child of Google will be bringing along with it. The good news is that Engadget has stepped in to bring a halt to the guessing games with a full list of the Nexus one’s Specifications. The bad news is that you… Read more

Motorola Cliq rooted, waiting on ROMs

A well-known ROM cooker called The Dude has rooted the Cliq but don’t go rushing into ADB thinking you’ll be flashing Cyanogen’s latest. This will give you root and the ability to run root required apps but no suitable ROMs are available just yet. The process does require a wipe but MotoBlur takes care of restoring a lot of your settings if you have the… Read more

Nexus One specs and hands on

I’d better say right from the start that I didn’t get any hands-on time with Google’s hype monster. Someone from Gizmodo did and it sounds pretty slick. I don’t want to quote their entire article so here are the bits that I found most interesting. Some of it was already known, but those few parts are worth repeating. The phone is very smooth and rounded… Read more